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Field Studies in Northwest Environments: Rocks, Plants and Forests


Fall 2011 quarter

Dylan Fischer forest ecology , Paul Butler geology, hydrology, earth science
Fields of Study
botany, ecology, environmental studies, field studies, geography, natural history and outdoor leadership and education
Preparatory for studies or careers in
environmental studies, ecology, geology, forestry and botany.

The Pacific Northwest provides a diversity of terrestrial habitats that are ideally suited for direct student-originated field studies. From deserts to prairies, forested ecosystems and beaches, each ecosystem reflects unique patterns of influences from geologic and biological factors. Field studies in these habitats can deepen understanding of landscape patterns, and this program will emphasize direct, student-originated field studies in four distinct locations. Students should expect to get their hands dirty working outdoors on geology and ecology projects uncovering landscape patterns in each unique habitat we visit.

We will travel to sagebrush steppe, lowland prairies, managed and unmanaged forests, and coastal environments. In each location we will study geography, environmental history, ecology, biodiversity and geology. We will visit culturally significant sites, learn about native plants, and the processes that shape the physical landscape. Students will then develop a series of studies examining ecological, environmental and geological patterns. Following our study of each location, students will present the results of their field investigations in a series of mini-symposia.

Students can expect to participate in seminars, lectures, field trips and research. We will learn common techniques for collecting data in forestry, plant ecology, and physical geography, plus develop methods for effective communication of the results. We will take two extended field trips (overnight to the east side of the Cascades and to the Pacific Coast) and multiple one-day field trips (to local prairies and forests). Field work will also make use of the Evergreen campus.

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$300 for field trips.
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March 15th, 2011 Dylan Fischer and Paul Butler will be teaching Temperate Rainforests.