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Résumé Information Worksheet


Use the directions below to create a résumé information worksheet. Once you’ve completed the worksheet, you can use your information to begin building and formatting an effective résumé using the formatting tools within Microsoft Word. DO NOT use a résumé template to build your résumé. These can be problematic when updating and revising your résumé.

For assistance in developing your résumécontact the Career Development Center at 360-867-6193 to schedule an appointment with one of our Career Advisors.

1. Open a new MS Word document. Set page margins of at least 1 inch using the Page Set-up option. Using the standard Align Left format, enter your contact information: your name, address*, phone number and e-mail, each on a separate line. Example:

Jamie Doe
4300 College Drive, Olympia, WA 98505

*If you are concerned about providing an address, you can choose not to include it in your heading.

2. Add a space then type Highlights or Relevant Qualifications. This section highlights your knowledge, skills, abilities and achievements that match a specific job you are applying for. Although this section goes under your heading, because it is job specific, you may choose to simply leave space for it and create this section last. Here are some example statements:

Relevant Qualifications

Good communication and customer service skills, quick learner capable of effectively working individually and as part of a team Proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, familiar with Excel, and competent in conducting Internet research Ability to prioritize tasks and complete projects on time and under tight deadlines

3. Add another space then type in Education. Below your section heading type your information. Example:


The Evergreen State College, Sept. 2011-Present
Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, Emphasis in Communications

- or-

Bachelor of Arts, Emphasis in Communications, June 2013 (your actual graduation month) The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA

If you’ve attended more than one postsecondary institution, list each institution in reverse chronological order (most recent first). Include the time frame you attended. For dates use abbreviations (Aug., Sept., Oct., etc.) for multiple syllable months, but spell out March, April, May, June, and July. Or use numerical dates, such as 09/2009. Just be consistent throughout your résumé. Include your high school only if you are a recent high school graduate (within three years).

4. The next section should be Experience. Type your section heading then, on the next line, begin entering your experience. This can include both paid and volunteer experience. List the job title first, with your dates of employment/volunteering next to it. On the following line list the employer (company, organization or institution), including the city and state. After each position, write skill statements related to each job. Example:


Office Assistant, June 2008-Aug. 2009 (or you could use 08/2008-05/2009)
Simply Alaska Goods, Juneau, AK
Entered and processed online customer credit card orders
Updated product and pricing information on company website
Designed, wrote item descriptions, and created new brochure featuring more than 50 products
Processed, packaged, and labeled 15 to 30 customer orders daily for shipping

If you’ve worked in several paid positions as well as participated in volunteer work, you can create a separate Volunteer & Community Service section heading. If your duties and responsibilities were extensive, include a few skill statements related to each activity. If your tasks/activities were limited in time and duration you do not need to provide specific skill statements. List them in reverse chronological order. Example:

Volunteer & Community Service

Cleaning crew volunteer, Thurston County Humane Society, Olympia, WA 01/2010-03/2011 Beach clean-up crew, Auke Recreation Area, Juneau, AK, 04/2008

5. If you have special licenses or certifications related to the position you are applying for, you can also list these separately under a section heading such as Licenses & Certifications. Example:

Licensing & Certifications
Washington State Food Handler Certification, King County
First Aid/CPR Certification
Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL), State of Washington

6. If you have any, honors, distinctions or awards these can be entered as a separate section. Simply list the specific honor or award, the awarding organization or institution, and the date (year, or month/year) received. Example:

Awards & Honors

South Puget Sound Business Alliance Scholarship, 2011, 2012
Student Employee of the Month Award, University of Alaska Southeast, 09/2009
Regional Rookie of the Year Award, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), 2008

Additional Tip: Do not use “References Available Upon Request.” References should be listed on a separate sheet. Use your résumé heading and same formatting to list three to five individuals who can say great things about your work ethic, skills and abilities. For each reference include name, title, company, city, state and phone number, and email, or provide copies of their reference letters.