Career Development Center

Policy for Posting Community Jobs

The job listings on CODA are available to current Evergreen students, former students and alumni. Prospective employers post their openings, and applicants contact employers directly. Employers select candidates to interview, make all hiring decisions, and are asked to notify us when a position is filled. The Career Development Center does not provide a referral service, and makes no guarantee that all jobs posted will be filled.

To meet the CODA posting criteria, jobs must have a clear job description that includes the following:

  • Rate or range of pay (WA minimum wage of $9.47 or higher required)
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the work
  • Required activities of the position
  • Estimated hours of work
  • Location of employment
  • Name and contact information of employer

We will not post jobs that appear to discriminate against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, disabled or veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

We do not post jobs that require an investment of cash or other purchases by the prospective employee.

We do not post anonymous ads or ads placed by third parties.

The Career Development Center reserves the right not to post a job that we believe does not appear to support the best interests of students, alumni and/or the College.

For questions regarding job/internship postings, job fairs, and about other opportunities to get involved with Evergreen, contact Steve Laing, Director of the Career Development Center, by phone at 360-867-6189 or by email at