Career Development

Explore your career options and prepare to put your best foot forward.

Make plans to attend the Community Opportunities & Internship Fair on Wednesday, January 31 from 12 - 3 pm in the library lobby. Click here for a list of which organizations will be at the fair.
If you need to create or polish your resume Academic & Career Advising can help! Plan to attend one of the Career Workshops to get ready. You'll want to bring multiple copies of your resume to the fair.

You already have, or are currently learning, the essential skills that most employers are looking for—leadership, communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

Career Development Counselors can help you learn more about what’s out there, get advice about tailoring what you’ve learned, and assemble your job-getting skills.

Internship Fair

Evergreen students talk with representatives of local organizations at the annual Community Opportunities and Internship Fair.

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When you’re not sure what work is right for you: Discuss your interests and studies with a career counselor. We’ll also help you set up informational interviews, where you learn what a job is like from the source. If you're thinking about grad school, we can help you research and prepare. Find out more about exploring and planning.

When you start looking for jobs: We’ll help you create the perfect package to offer a prospective employer. A career counselor can help you look through your academic and work experience with an eye towards job requirements. Be ready with mock interviews. Some people say we’re even tougher than the real thing! Prepare for your next steps.

Or anywhere in between: Finding a career isn’t always a simple linear process. There’s an element of serendipity, of evolving interests, and changing climates.

Alumni always welcome

Looking for a new direction? Stuck in a job that’s not what you expected? We’re here for you, too. Come talk to someone who understands how to translate your college experience to careers and employers.

Whatever your questions about exploring and developing a career, we’d love to talk to you.