Students can look forward to making Evergreen their home away from home. The campus offers recreation and athletics, learning and study resources, groups and clubs, housing options, meal plans, and much more.

Greener Culture

There’s just something about being a Greener that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether through athletics, recreation, or the arts, Geoducks do things a little bit better, or smarter, or just differently. Through the Geoduck Student Union, students are empowered to get involved in positive social and political change, shaping campus culture, and making college life better, year after year.

  • Soccer on the Fields

    Focusing primarily on noncompetitive sports, Geoduck Athletics are a great way for students to get involved, build skills, and have a good time.

    See our athletics programs.

  • Student Activities Painting Posters on Red Square

    Evergreen has its own bike shop, newspaper, student government, and radio station, in addition to many diverse student organizations. Our groups represent interests in art, music, spirituality, culture, politics, environmental issues, gaming, and more.

    See what’s available to you on campus.

  • Beggar's Opera

    Evergreen provides many opportunities to see performances and art exhibitions on campus. The work of visiting artists, as well as student-originated productions, is presented throughout the year. The Evergreen Gallery features student shows and special exhibitions.

  • DJ on the Air

    Tune in to 89.3 FM or listen online via to hear local, volunteer-DJed, noncommercial community radio. Join the student-run newspaper The Cooper Point Journal, which runs both in print and online.

  • Swimming in the Evergreen Pool

    Evergreen’s extensive athletic complex, the Costantino Recreation Center (CRC), offers plenty of outlets for fitness, exercise, self-discipline, healthy activities, and general well-being.

    Swim, climb, lift and more.

  • A diverse group of Evergreen students

    This multicultural student center assists students in achieving their goals through academic, social and personal advising, referrals to community resources, and community-building events.

    See how we can help you.

The Geoduck Mascot

Is it a duck or a clam or something else entirely? All we’ll say for now is that it’s our humble and beloved mascot.

Learn more about the geoduck.

Living and Dining on Campus

Living at Evergreen puts the choice in your hands. Whether you prefer same-gender living arrangements or vegan eating, we can accommodate most of your lifestyle pursuits.

  • The Evergreen Woods

    Evergreen is situated on more than 1,000 acres of forest with 3,300 feet of unspoiled beach on the Puget Sound, not far from downtown Olympia. Hike the trails, comb the beach, or go kayaking whenever you want.

    View photos and trail maps.

  • Students in Housing

    First-year students will live in the dorms. Apartments and modular housing become available after that. You choose what’s right for you.

    See what our housing is like and check out the long list of benefits of living on campus.

  • Lunch at the Greenery

    We believe that high-quality campus dining offers the community opportunities to spend high-quality time together. The Greenery, The Marketplace, The Flaming Eggplant, and other venues are ready to give you your fill.

    See all your food options on campus.

Luminary Procession Downtown Olympia

Olympia offers many local activities and attractions and is located near incredible mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and the city life of Seattle and Portland.

See the great things Olympia has to offer.

Learning and Study Resources

Learning doesn’t just happen in lectures. Sometimes it’s through field experiences, personal research, or working hands-on with the appropriate tools. With access to a real-world “living laboratory” and up-to-date books, tools, and technology, you’ll have the resources you need to take your learning seriously.

  • Planting at the Organic Farm

    This five-acre hub includes the farmhouse, Demeter’s Gardens, the Community Gardens, a compost facility, a workroom, a tool shed, several greenhouses and a 38,000–square-foot production area of the Organic Farm.

    Find out more about the farm.

  • Reading in the Library

    The Daniel J. Evans Library provides access to 16 million books, research resources, movies, and music. Its unique media loan system provides audio, video, and photographic equipment and training.

    See more about our library.

  • Working in the Digital Imaging Studio

    Evergreen offers all the computing basics, like general-purpose labs and campus-wide wifi, plus special resources for animation, multimedia, music production, language learning, and scientific computing.

    See the technology available to you.

The Hallway Program

…is one you don’t even have to sign up for. Studying together with the same group of students and faculty creates special communities and friendships you’re unlikely to find at other colleges.

Because you’re sharing a single program and not bouncing around from class to class, you’re able to build camaraderie with your fellow students and faculty through the time you spend together and the common interests you share.

Since you’re thinking about the same questions and problems, conversations start in the “hallways”: at parties, in housing, when hiking or going to the grocery store. Many of the most important things you’ll learn at Evergreen aren’t in class—they’re with friends from your program at moments that aren't on the schedule.

Read our fact page about Greeners, faculty, academics, and alumni.

Careers and Volunteering

Going to college means investing in your future. You can get help in discovering and planning your post-college pathway and build your experience through on-campus jobs, volunteering, and work-study opportunities.

  • Alumna Lynda Weinman

    Get consistent, high quality career and life planning with job search services, graduate school assistance, résumé services, and interviewing assistance.

    Get prepared for your next step.

  • Reroofing Campus Housing

    Build professional experience, have peace of mind, and get some extra cash for the weekend without having to leave campus. Many jobs and internships are available.

    See current job openings.

  • Volunteering Downtown Olympia

    The Center for Community-Based Learning and Action (CCBLA) links Evergreen students and faculty with organizations working on a wide range of issues.

    Help out in the community.

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