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The Evergreen Campus Calendar

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A comprehensive view of campus events from all associated calendars listed below.

Academic Calendar

Academic fairs, campus holidays, financial aid, registration and student orientation. Also includes faculty meetings, deans meetings and committee meetings.

Arts & Entertainment

Theater productions, S&A Productions, gallery exhibits, and similar events.

College Events

Convocation, Synergy Conference, the Unsoeld Seminar Series, and similar events.

RAD Events (GO Events)

Events held by Residential and Dining Services.

Recreation & Athletics

Geoduck-sponsored sports, games and meets. Events organized through The Outdoor Program and recreation classes.

Staff & Faculty Meetings

Various meetings for staff and faculty of the college.

Student Events

Events put on by student organizations through Student Activities.

Student Organization Meetings

Meetings held by student organizations like GSU, GO, and RAD floor meetings.

Student Support Programs

Events that support students offered by Advising, Career Development, PrimeTime, the Writing Center and other areas on campus.