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Exit Interview

If you received a Perkins Loan during your enrollment at The Evergreen State College and are graduating, taking a leave of absence or will no longer be attending The Evergreen State College, you are required to complete a Perkins Loan Exit Interview. Exit Interviews are a Federal requirement for your loan.

Note:  The Exit Interview for Stafford Loans is a completely separate process and done through The Evergreen State College Financial Aid office. You can reach the Financial Aid office at 360.867.6205, for further information on Stafford Loan Exit Interviews.

Please go to the Perkins Loan Exit Interview documentation (PDF), print and complete the first and second page, read the information and sign and date the forms.  Return both forms to the Perkins Loan office located in the Library first floor, room L1110, or mail to:  The Evergreen State College, " Perkins Loan Office, 2700 Evergreen Parkway NW, L1125, Olympia  WA  98505.  Once the forms have been received by the Perkins Loan Specialist and processed, you will receive an email from UAS asking you to begin the Exit Interview.  The UAS Exit website will NOT be available until you receive this email.

Make sure you keep a copy of the Perkins Loan Exit Interview documentation for future reference.  Read the important information on page three and follow the instructions on page four of the Perkins Loan Exit Interview documentation. 

The Evergreen State College partners with University Accounting Services (UAS) to administer and maintain your Perkins Loan until it is paid in full. Exit Interviews for a Perkins Loan are done online at the University Accounting Services (UAS) Exit website. The url to the UAS Exit Interview website is on the Perkins Loan Exit Interview documentation (PDF) as described.

A Perkins Loan Exit Interview hold is placed on your student account when you graduate or are taking a leave of absence from The Evergreen State College. You will be unable to receive College services, including the release of diplomas and transcripts until the exit interview is completed. Future registration is also blocked.

Your EXIT INTERVIEW will provide you with the following information :

  1. Final Truth-in-Lending Statement: This shows the amount borrowed, the interest rate, minimum payment amount;
  2. Repayment Schedule: These include all required payments and their due dates.  If you receive deferments/forbearances during the life of a loan, the repayment schedule will change at the end of each deferment/forbearance;
  3. Deferment/Forbearance/Cancellation: Criteria and instructions for requesting Hardship and Unemployment Deferment, Forbearance and Cancellation.

Perkins Loan Exit Interview documentation (PDF)

The Evergreen State College's Perkins Loan Specialist is located on the Library first floor in room 1110, and can be reached by phone at 360.867.6440 or email at