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Deferment Request

If you are unable to make your minimum monthly payment on your Perkins Loan, you should request deferment on your loan as soon as you are aware there is a problem. This situation may arise due to unemployment or economic hardship. You may also request special payment arrangements for your loan if you do not wish to fully defer your payments.

Deferments are requested by completing the Financial Arrangement Form (FAF) and returning it directly to the Perkins Loan office at The Evergreen State College. You may request this form from the Perkins Loan office, University Accounting Service (UAS) or download from the UAS website, Request For Cancellation or Deferment form.

The FAF needs to be completed thoroughly. It is important to list all sources of income and all monthly expenses to determine your eligibility for deferment. You must also supply the most recent or current employment information. There is a section to explain your current circumstances and the last page contains your personal information (name, address, telephone number and account number) and this is where you MUST sign the form. Unsigned forms will be returned for your signature, which will delay the process of your request. We must also have a completed exit interview for your Perkins Loan before deferment requests will be processed.

Once your form has been received at The Evergreen State College, it will be reviewed and the best deferment option will be chosen. If we determine you are not eligible for deferment, we will contact you immediately to discuss other options. If deferment is approved, you will receive a letter stating the type of deferment granted, the dates of deferment and the date repayment resumes. The FAF is then sent to UAS for posting of the approved deferment to your loan. Since there is a delay in processing your form, you could possibly receive a billing statement in the mail after you have received your letter stating your deferment has been granted. Please feel free to contact the office to verify your account status.

If you return to school after leaving Evergreen:

You may qualify for student deferment (no interest accrues, no payments due). In order to qualify for student deferment, you must be enrolled at least half-time in an institution of higher education. You must submit a student deferment request form for EACH TERM (i.e. quarter or semester) you are attending at least half-time.

You may download this form directly from the University Accounting Service website:

You will need to complete Part I of this form. Please include your loan number for timely processing. Be sure to mark the appropriate box if your address needs to be updated. Indicate the dates you wish deferment to cover (beginning and ending dates of the term). Sign and date in the designated sections and submit the form to the appropriate office of your institution for certification (usually the Registration & Records office).

Your school must complete Part II of this form. They will indicate the dates of enrollment they are certifying and sign the form. The form should then be sent directly to our billing service, University Accounting Service (UAS) for processing. Forms received at The Evergreen State College will be forwarded to UAS, so this may delay processing of your request.

Once the forms are processed, they are returned to The Evergreen State College and we send out a letter to let you know the status of your account. This letter lists the dates that were covered in the deferment and tells you when regular repayment begins. Remember, student deferment requests need to be submitted for each term you are attending as most schools will not certify anything but the current term.

If you submit a student deferment form and do not hear from us in regards to the status of your account, please contact this office to verify we have received your deferment form.

Please call us at (360) 867-6440 if you have any questions. You may also contact University Accounting Service at 1 (800) 999-6227.