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Spring Quarter Tuition is Due April 4, 2014   

The student account is your school billing account. Quarterly tuition, meal plans, residential rent (housing), health clinic services and fines, charges or late fees from other departments (i.e. library, media loan, lab stores, childcare center, parking, etc.) are billed to the student account.  Textbooks are not purchased on the student account.  Go to the Greener Store for information on setting up a pre-paid bookstore account.

Billing notifications are sent, monthly, directly to the student’s e-mail go to Billing for more information.  Payments sent to the college on the student’s behalf should be limited to educational expenses billed to their student account.  Funds intended for their “spending” or “living expenses” should be sent directly to the student – not to Evergreen.

Refunds of credit balances on the student account, due to overpayments or billing adjustments, must be requested by the student.  Credit balances are automatically applied to future term charges unless a refund is requested.  Refunds are made payable to the student with the exception of credit card refunds (credit returned to card of original payment).  See Financial Aid Checks for information on student aid refunds.

Student Accounts Office is also the central billing unit of the Evergreen State College and manages non-student debts and collections.  A billing account is assigned to any staff, faculty or community member who incurs charges or fines at Evergreen.  TESC employees can log on to and go to “Employee Account Summary” to view charges on their account.

Past Due Accounts

The Evergreen State College reserves the right to place past due accounts with a collection agency and the account holder will be responsible for any collections fees charged in addition to the original debt. Contact our office at 360-867-5447 to make payment arrangements for your past due account.  College services (such as registration and transcripts release) will be suspended until the past due balance is paid.