Enrollment and Budget Questions and Answers

Question: Where can I find a summary of information shared by President Purce at the April 16 campus town hall and comments from the campus community shared at that event? (4-22-14)

Answer: You can find that at http://www.evergreen.edu/budget/4-16-14-town-hall-summary.htm. (4-22-14)

Question:  How long will these submission forms be available?

Answer:  While we don’t have a fixed time for these forms, many budget decisions and recommendations for the current year and upcoming biennium will be formulated  in the next several weeks, so it’s best to suggest budget ideas now.  It’s also helpful to have enrollment ideas submitted sooner rather than later, but we’ll continue to monitor the forms at least through the end of the academic year in mid-June. 

Question: Why is it that TESC does not have a strong foreign languages program? I have talked to many students that feel abandoned when it comes to learning world languages. Look at the language laboratory located in the Library. It is pitiful. Some middle schools have better laboratories than ours. A college that focuses on the liberal arts curriculum with no requirement to learn a foreign language, or at least to be exposed to a world language, greatly limits the overall education of its students. A strong and consistent world languages program would benefit students not only by expanding their potential employability, but would help them understand their learning strategies, and therefore, making them better students and learners. (4-24-14)

Answer: You bring up an important challenge. In the past, we have made an effort to provide a core group of foreign languages on a somewhat consistent basis (alternative years and generally including Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, American Sign Language, and often Arabic). Foreign language is also sometimes integrated into programs. When we do offer languages (often as Evening and Weekend courses), student interest drops dramatically after the introductory quarter (so second and third term of beginning language tends to be under-enrolled) and advanced language offerings have been under-enrolled as well. Given the inconsistency of student demand, we do offer the Rosetta Stone language software in our language lab. While not ideal, this does allow students to pursue language study to some degree. In an effort to bolster language offerings, we also recently developed some collaborative relationships with St. Martin’s and SPSCC, but those have had minimal success to date. (4-29-14)

Question: Where can I find a summary of the May (21) town hall meeting?

Answer: Campus Town Hall notes from May (21) are available online.

Question: I have read the ideas listed on http://www.evergreen.edu/budget/enrollment-ideas.htm and I am really confused about the one titled Campus Telephones. Is this really happening? I have never experienced Police Services answering phones directed at the school. I work in one of the school's departments and we get many call from parents and from students and I'm fairly sure that the calls were not transferred from Police Services. Maybe the person who submitted this idea has the wrong number? (6-19-14)

Answer: Many, if not most, callers look up the number (usually online) for the department they want to call and call that number directly. We also include contact numbers related to specific topics and areas in materials and on web pages. That said, the “main” college number (867-6000) does ring to Police Services. It’s picked up with a voice message that provides a list of the most commonly called numbers around campus and then offers the option to talk to an operator. That operator is in Police Services. It’s unclear what percentage of overall call traffic goes through that operator and on to another department, but it occur. (6-26-14)