February 21, 2012 - Update on the Developing State Budget

Update from Les

I want to give you a brief update on the developing state budget. The recent caseload and revenue forecasts are somewhat better than the forecasts that the Governor used to develop her budget proposals in December. Using the newer forecasts, the House of Representatives released its budget proposals today. The House proposal would trim State support for Evergreen by an additional 3% and cut $10 million from the $330 million statewide Need Grant program. (You can find more details and links to other sources of information on our Government Relations blog.)

After years of record cuts and tuition increases, any further reductions hurt. But in that context, the House proposal is a relief. The cuts are less severe than those the Governor proposed, and they are within the range that we anticipated when we developed a two-year budget plan last spring. We now await the Senate's budget proposal. When the legislature's work is finished (scheduled for March 8), we will be ready to consider what adjustments may be needed in Evergreen's biennial budget plan.

Les Purce