Concordia Wins Tourney

Madeleine Turner
Madeleine Turner in Today's Game
against Carroll College.
Photo by Carlos Sanche.

August 31, 2008

Olympia, WA - The women's team of Concordia University (Ore.) demonstrated why they are ranked high in the NAIA pre-season polls with convincing wins over their opponents in the 2008 Arno Zoske Classic Tournament.

Just before the women's team played their final game, CU's men won the men's tourney title. Concordia vanquished Rocky Mountain College 3-1 to secure the top spot.

Simon Fraser University defeated Thompson Rivers University 1-0 to take the runner-up spot.

Carroll College overcame Evergreen's early lead to win 2-1.

Final Standings

  • Concordia University - 18 Points
  • Simon Fraser - 14 Points
  • Carroll College - 9 Points
  • Thompson Rivers - 6 Points
  • Rocky Mountain - 2 Points
  • Evergreen - 1 Point

Tourney Results