Woods Named to All Cascade Collegiate Conference Team, Newcomer of the Year

Latrina WoodsMarch 1, 2010

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Evergreen's Latrina Woods recieved All-Conference honors this weekend, as the CCC released the names of those student athletes who have been named to the All-Cascade Collegiate Conference Team.  Woods, a junior from Skyway, WA, also recieved the Award for All-Cascade Collegiate Conference Team Newcomer of the Year.

In addition to these honors Woods also recieved recognition as the Cascade Conference Player of the Week Award in late January of this year.  

“She’s one of the smoothest and most unselfish players I’ve ever coached,” said Evergreen Coach Monica Heuer in a recent article in the local newspaper, The Olympian.  "There’s no one who can stop her one-on-one,” Heuer said. “She’s able to squeeze by defenders. Defensively, she wants to go after the best. There’s nothing I can say bad about her. This is a kid any coach would want on their team."

Latrina has been a valuable asset to the Geoduck this year.  Despite time away from the game taken last year, she has returned to the court with mastery few can replicate, and many envy. 

Although she has consistently been the high scorer for Evergree, Woods leaves her ego at home.  “She has a whole lot of humility,” Heuer said. “She’s always more concerned about her teammates. She’s a great person, a great player.”

Evergreen fans, students, staff, faculty, and coaches all are eagerly awaiting the Lady Geoducks return to the court next year, and all will have their eye on Woods.