Evergreen falls to Concordia-Irvine in defensive battle

November 12, 2005

Olympia, WA - In a game where both teams held each other scoreless for the first four and a half minutes, the Geoducks aren't able to hold a lead in the end, with a 42-47 loss to Concordia University (Irvine, CA) in their home opener. After many attempts on both sides of the court to put the first points on the board, 5'10 junior, Jenny Olson, finally won the battle, starting off the low scoring first half.

The Geoduck defense was the strong point of the evening, with talking and good transitioning, they were able to keep Concordia's offense under control. Olson took control of rebounding as she grabbed 14 for the night, giving her, her first double-double of the season with 15 points in addition to those boards.

Going into the half the score was tied at 15-15 after two free throws were made by Concordia's Tristen Ryan with one second left on the clock.

Coming out in the second half, both teams seemed to have more energy, but continued to have trouble getting the ball into the hoop and after five minutes only three points had been added to each team's score. After those five minutes the game picked up and with every made shot on one side, there was answer on the other. Eventually the Geoducks made a run with three and 1st in a row, taking advantage of the free throws they were given. But Concordia wasn't going to let them get away.

Two back-to-back, unanswered three pointers tied the game at 40 and another field goal plus free throw put the Eagles back in the lead. The Geoducks were forced to foul down the stretch putting Ryan back on the line where she increased the lead to the final score of 42-47.

The Geoducks will be taking on Pacific University next Saturday November 19, 2005 at The Evergreen State College.