Geoducks play hard against tough Warner Pacific team

December 2, 2006

PORTLAND, OR - Warner Pacific defeated Evergreen 102-96 in Saturday night Cascade Conference action. Currently, The WPC Knights are one of eight teams in the NAIA left undefeated so far this season.

Evergreen's Adam Moore scored early and often in the first half of Fridays game, scoring 22 points in the first half. Moore scored the first two points of the game giving the Geoducks the early lead that they held on to until the 8:40 mark of the first half where the Knights took their first lead of the game on a pair of free throws by Scott O'Gallagher. The Knights built a nine point lead at the 4:33 mark but saw that erased as the hard charging Geoducks went on 10-0 run that gave them a 51-50 lead at intermission.

The first fifteen minutes of the second half saw the teams match point for point until Evergreen went on a 13-1 run in the next three minutes giving them an 8 point lead with 12 to go. From that point the Knights chipped away at the Evergreen lead eventually tying the score for the 10th time at 85 with 5:28 to go. WPC's Jeremy Reedal hit a big three with 2:29 to go to put the Knights into the lead by two. The Knights extended the lead to as many as 7 from that point and held on for the victory.

While Evergreen's Moore had 28 points all but six of those came in the first half as the Knights made some adjustments to keep him from scoring in the second half. Devon Connor-Green added 20 points for the Geoducks.

Warner Pac's O'Gallagher had 31 points and six rebounds for the game

Evergreen is at home Tuesday night when the host Lewis and Clark College at 7:30 PM.

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