Questions surround team after Evergreen's low scoring loss

January 26, 2007

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Following tonight's low scoring 31-51 loss to Eastern Oregon, many fans were asking, "What is going on with the men's basketball team?". Perhaps it was the heavy-on-the-defense and light- on-team-players recipe that Head Coach Tom Kenna served EOU that caught people's attention?

Evergreen looked like the team of last year, slowing down their offense and using relentless man to man defense. Eastern's team is strong, rated the top 25 in the NAIA Division II rankings and they may have very well ran to a 40 point lead had Kenna not adopted the strategy he did tonight.

Kenna used this strategy because Evergreen's top shooters were on the bench. Adam Moore, Greg Shadowvine and Jermaine Smith did not suit up and the usual point men for the Geoducks that were on the court looked uncomfortable and out of their element.

Spectators will remember Speedy the Geoduck making a game appearance, the half-time entertainment and Marcus Whittaker's playful slam dunk in the final second of the game, but one doubts they will remember much about the rest. For the serious basketball fan, it was fascinating to see the strategy play out. They will like the statistic of tonight's game being the second lowest scoring loss in Evergreen history. Coach Kenna and C0 may have lost the game, but give them credit for making the best out of a tough night.

Who will be ready to go against Albertson tonight? Will Moore and "The Shadow" be on the floor? Evergreen will need all the big guns they can get when the 10th ranked Yotes step on the Geoducks court. It will be good drama and good fun.

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