Center for Creative & Applied Media Opens

CCAM Opens

Following an ambitious campaign, the college opened its new high-tech media hub, the Center for Creative & Applied Media (CCAM). Dedicated last spring, the CCAM replaces Evergreen's 1970s-era television studio (which ceased operations in 2004), giving students and faculty professional multimedia tools to push the boundaries of animation, film and audio production.

CCAM Studio Shot at OpeningLocated on the first floor of the Daniel J. Evans Library, the modern, industry-compliant digital media facility combines professional grade equipment and computer support with an instruction- and collaboration-oriented studio environment. The 10,000 square-foot facility is fully equipped with a sound stage, multi-camera HD video studio, cable and Internet broadcasting facility, workshop space, surround-audio recording and mixing suite, and experimental-effects lab.

Since the CCAM went online, it has enhanced learning opportunities for media studies students, promoted media and technological literacy across the campus, and supported the college’s academic and administrative work. In addition, the facility allows for digital conversion, editing and storage of media documents for archival purposes.

As a resource for the entire Evergreen community, the CCAM is not only preparing graduates to enter media production fields, it is also providing students across a range of disciplines and practices with the analytical and evaluative skills required in the Information Age—and extending the college’s reach into the wider community in a way that integrates media, public service and virtual networking.