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Victor Shamas


Former Faculty Member, The Evergreen State College
Ph.D., Psychology, University of Arizona
M.S., Chemistry, University of California at Santa Cruz


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PlayHaven Non-Profit


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I have written two books, The Way of Play: Reclaiming Divine Fun and Celebration (2011) and The Chanter's Guide: Sacred Chanting as a Shamanic Practice, as well as electronic textbooks on abnormal psychology, biopsychology, health psychology, human sexuality, research methods, and social psychology. I have produced four audio CDs: "Chakra Tones" (2009), "Global Chant 1" (2008), "Four Meditations" (2004), and "Biofeedback, Hypnosis, and Relaxation" (2003).

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The Way of Play: Reclaiming Divine Fun and Celebration

Publication Excerpt

Sisters and brothers, let us play. Let us come alive! And let love and joy flow freely through us.

Religion is too serious. It misses the mark. Spiritual life is supposed to be fun. Today, let us declare the Way of Play to be our spiritual path. We will find our connection to something greater in ourselves by playing music, drawing, dancing, telling stories, singing and dreaming. We will express ourselves with sounds, pictures, words, and movements. We will embrace this moment with every bit of our heart and soul so that we are fully present, fully conscious, and fully awakened. We will share our love and joy with the world, washing away all the sorrow and negativity we encounter in a stream of delight.

Play is a sacred act. When we are playing, the essence of all creation flows freely through us. We are expressing our true nature and connecting with the very core of our existence. There is nothing more spiritual than that.

It is time for us to come out of the closet admit the truth: "Play is my Way. Fun is my destiny. Love and joy are my religion." When we "lose ourselves" in play, we find something greater--the nameless, formless, and mysterious essence of all creation. Our play draws us into the most intimate contact possible with the Playful Creator. No religious service or ritual could be more powerful. By expressing ourselves fully and openly, we tap into a source of pure love and joy that we can share freely with others. There is nothing more contagious than our own playfulness. Play can be a path of liberation because it inspires and delights those who approach it with an open heart and an open mind. This is the most natural and simple form of spirituality we can know.

How did Evergreen help you in your career?

As an Evergreen student (1979-81), I strengthened my writing and analytical skills greatly, especially through a memorably challenging individual contract I did with Thad Curtz. Then as an Evergreen faculty member, I had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with the Tropical Biology program in 1983, where I had my first exposure to coral reefs. My fascination with reefs led me to Fiji and Australia two years later, where I had the profound life experiences that propelled me into the field of psychology and that inspired my continuing exploration of spirituality and human consciousness.