Alumni Programs

From Fail to Win: Making it in Silicon Valley

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
SEM II D-2109

Session Description:

Most successful entrepreneurs failed many times before they succeeded. Starting a company today is easier than it's ever been. At the same time, most startups fail. The trick is to fail fast and risk little. Facilitators Zach Miller-Catlan Larson '97 and Bart Myers '97 will talk you through their failures and successes in starting companies in Silicon Valley and hopefully convince you to try it for yourself!

Facilitator Biographies:

Zach Miller-Catlin Larson

Zach Miller-Catlin Larson '97: Zach has been fighting in the DotCom wars since 1999. He's been an engineer, a designer, a sysadmin, and a product guy. He was Chief Production Officer at SideReel (acquired 2011) and is now Chief Executive Officer at Threadbare Games where he helps make mobile games for gamers. He's @zachlarson on Twitter and posts frequently on

Bart Myers

Bart Myers '97: Bart Myers is an advisor for and investor in early and mid-stage startups as well as founder of He is currently head of Rovi Corporation's internet properties including: (acquired in 2011),, and Bart blogs at and can be reached @bartolah on Twitter.

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