Alumni Programs

Greeners in the News

Beth Howard ’83  Making Pie for What Ails You

Lynda Barry ‘79 and Matt Groening ‘77  Together Again in Madison, WI

H.T. Williams ’00  Releases much awaited new book

Bruce Pavitt '81  Seattle's First Underground Music Mogul, Enter Space Buddha

Tom Anderson '73  A Painter Influenced by Everything

Matt Groening '77  Receives Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Artist Aaron Trotter '01  Draws On Northwest Vision for Inspiration

Bruce Wilkinson '10  Occupy Solidarity Social Forum

Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn '96  San-Francisco Singer Songwriter Found Her Muse at Evergreen

Amada Lang ’94, MiT ’05  Washington’s Art Educator of the Year

A Conversation with Lynda Barry '79

Greener Student, Amanda “Mandy” Ryle  Designs Set for Olympia Production of The Phantom Tollbooth

Richard “dik” Bolger '74  One-of-a-Kind Citroën Mystery Solved!

Wayne Au '94, MiT '96  The False Promise of Charter Schools

Jenny Reed '09  Volunteer in Kazakhstan

Carrie Brownstein '98  The Northwest's Funny Girl

Former Washington State Senator Lawrence Faulk MPA '87  Appointed to Salamon Group Board of Directors

Shelli Ogilvy ’02 and Solan Jensen '00 Lead Polar Adventures

Steve Thomas '73  Raising Awareness for Affordable Housing

Paul Blair '93  Hula Hoop Record Holder

Joshua Simpson ‘09, MiT 2011  Iraq War Veteran, Founding Member of Coffee Strong

Patricia Ennis '86  100 Women Making a Difference in Safety

Heather Davis '92 Authors “Wherever You Go”

Josh Gaydos ‘00, MiT ’06 Burren Boys Member Releases Irish Music CD

Josh Blue '01  Comedy Central Presents: Josh Blue