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Spring 2011 Feature Stories

How Minds and Bodies Engage at Evergreen

Recreation, especially as expressed through Evergreen's Outdoor Education programs, has been embraced on this campus as a foundational and defining part of the culture. Other forms of physical expression – sports or athletics – have been more controversial, tending to be either debated or ignored. Yet over the years, many students in Evergreen’s intercollegiate athletics programs have found positive self-expression, personal growth, health, friends and a sense of community. We hope you enjoy hearing some voices from our community.

mount rainier, washingtonEvergreen's Special Relationship with the Northwest Outdoors

Interim Provost Ken Tabbutt recalls the Mt. Rainier Program of 2000 and provides a glimpse of this year's program, as the tradition marches on.

grand canyon expeditionMike Denoyer '75: Outdoor Education Spawns Outdoor Entrepreneurship

Guide Mike Denoyer’s Grand Canyon Expeditions is one of the largest companies in the area – and it started with an Evergreen program.

geoduck basketball“Eye on the Ball” Becomes a Life Skill

Antonio McClinon ’08 grew up in a series of tough Los Angeles neighborhoods. Today, he is an Evergreen alumnus and a graduate student at the University of Washington. How did this happen? Two key factors: athletics and Evergreen.

Rita PougialesBalancing Minds and Bodies Over Four Decades

Faculty member Rita Pougiales '72, who started as a student and stayed for a career, reminisces about the beginnings of Evergreen’s relationship with its environment.

soccer image fpoA Tale of Two Greener-Athletes: Matt Stalnik '09 and Nathan Salveson '10

Evergreen soccer coach John Purtteman '85 is inspired by two former players.