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Spring 2010 Feature Stories

Alumni on Stage, Screen and Behind the Scenes

On November 17, in the auditorium of Evergreen’s Communications Building, two women, friends since college days, walked on stage and took introductory bows. They were opera singer Cyndia Sieden '76 and concert pianist Judith Cohen '79. The Evergreen Steinway had been tuned especially for occasion. The evening was a blend of musical recital and personal reverie on what it means to live one's dreams; dreams sparked and influenced by the Evergreen experience. Cyndia and Judith were the inspiration for our theme this edition. In Alumni on Stage, Screen and Behind the Scenes, we explore a few of the careers that are shaping American performing arts and entertainment.

image of piano keysAlumnae Musical Stars Perform Overture to Alumni Lecture Series

Opera singer Cyndia Sieden '76 and concert pianist Judith Cohen '79 speak of life, friendship, and Evergreen.

Craig BartlettHey Craig! How Come Arnold's Head is Shaped like a Football?

Artist and animator Craig Bartlett '81, creator of “Hey Arnold!” and “Dinosaur Train,” talks Oscars, Hollywood and Pee Wee Herman.

Stephen SemelGetting "Lost" with Stephen Semel

Emmy nominee Stephen Semel '73, may be an editor on the hit TV show Lost, but don’t ask him how it ends.

Cara MaldonadoAlumna Finds Creative Outlet in NY Dance Company

Dancer and performance artist Cara Maldonado '08 found her calling at Evergreen.