Alumni Programs

Greeners in the News

Wayne Au, MiT ’96 Interviewed on Fairness in Education

Josh Blue ‘01 Interviewed in St. Joseph, MO

Carrie Brownstein ‘98 – Sleater-Kinney guitarist co-stars in “Portlandia”  

Scott Elliott '83 and MountainLogic won the fall Northwest Entrepreneurs Network's First Look Forum

Faculty Emerita LLyn De Danaan's New Novel Spoofs Science Fiction 

Nathan Gibbs-Bowling ’04, MiT – Tacoma Teachers on Strike

Nancy Goldov ’79 – Psychology Ph.D. candidate and Dance Movement Therapist 

Seattle choreographer Pat Graney ‘05 revamps her 'Faith Triptych' at On the Boards

Elusive Japanese Government Scholarship Awarded to Joshua Hansell, MiT ‘06

Founding Faculty member Dave Hitchens’ cancer battle fuels book about life and death

FOOD for Lane County director, Beverlee Hughes ‘86, MPA’90, meets challenges

At White House, Janice Langbehn ’93, MPA ’95 Honored for Gay-Rights Work

Todd Moore ’75 – Professor at Rhode Island School of Design, juries Conanicut Island Arts Association Art Show

Meredith Parker ’76 – Photographer Introduces Neah Bay, WA to the World 

Mark Ray ‘87 Named Washington State’s Teacher of the Year for 2012 

Firefighter Andy Speier ’05 Recalls Ground Zero on 9/11