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When is our birthday?

40 years old? Or really 44, 45…

Before you dash off an email letting us know that we’re celebrating the wrong year for Evergreen’s 40th, here’s a little background.

40th info bug

The legislature founded the college in 1967, but there wasn’t actually a college yet. The planning faculty arrived in the fall of 1970, but there weren’t any students. The first students arrived in the fall of 1971. The first graduates departed, degrees in hand in June of 1972, In June 2011, Evergreen held its 40th commencement.

This anniversary celebrates those first graduates, and all the students who followed them—all 40,000 of you who comprise the Evergreen community, stretching over four decades, 50 states and many countries. This May 18-20, join us as we celebrate the beginning, the being and the becoming, the contributions made and yet to come. 

You're the reason for the celebration. Happy Anniversary Greeners — 1972-2012.