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Letter Precious

Designer Jami Heinricher’s Compelling Story of Fate

by Nicky Tiso ’10

Fresh out of Evergreen, Jami Heinricher ’91, met her destiny in the shape of a gracious and artistic 70-year old woman who took Jami into her business and into her life.

After graduation, and at the urging of a friend, Heinricher followed a vague job lead to the door of Sherwood Press. The company was, and still is housed in a fairytale-like cottage set into the woods on Olympia’s west hill. The story of how she became the owner/printer/designer of this letterpress print business speaks of finding one’s passion in work, of friendship and commitment, and of life’s quiet mystery. It can be heard in an interview conducted by Dick Gordon for National Public Radio’s “The Story,” aired recently on KXOT-FM. It is the second story of the program, so move the cursor to the mid-point.

Heinricher’s Sherwood Press produces invitations, stationary, limited edition books and broadsides.