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Another Autumn, Another Inkwell

Imagine you're in the throes of another Evergreen State College winter.
Do you remember what you did this past summer?

inkwell cover art

Writing tutors working in the Evergreen Writing Center would be hard pressed to forget. Since 2006, they have spent each summer putting the finishing touches on their articles for Inkwell: The Student Guide to Writing at Evergreen.

Part manifesto, part practicum and wholly creative, Inkwell's goal is to empower and inspire a wide range of audiences through the Writing Center's philosophies on writing, learning, and growing. Inkwell actively demonstrates the act of writing using a variety of styles from the traditional academic format to poetry-inducing prompts.

Writing Center director and faculty member Sandy Yannone believes that committing thoughts about writing to paper further extends the reach of the Writing Center. It "provides these student tutors with an opportunity to publish their insights for an audience that has a genuine stake in understanding the landscape of writing at Evergreen," she explains.

This year's inkblot motif was designed by Joel Morley. Articles include Matthew Kreiling's expose on mind mapping and Calen Swift's exploration of the deeper side of the seminar paper. Guest contributors include Portland-based writers, Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand, co-authors of Landscapes of Dissent: Guerilla Poetry and Public Space (Palm Press 2008).

View the 2008 and past editions of Inkwell, as well as handouts on a variety of writing topics, online. To inquire about some of the services available to local alumni, email director Sandy Yannone, or call (360) 867-6382.