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Cristine Dahl, 1999


Seattle School of Canine Studies

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Education, Training and Library

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Founded in 2006, the SSCS offers formal college-level theoretical instruction in canine learning theory and modern hands-on behavior modification. Geared towards those currently involved in or those wishing to enter the professional canine field, this nationally recognized program delivers cutting-edge, scientifically-based material in a fun, challenging, provocative way. The success rate of SSCS grads is unrivaled; over 80% of SSCS graduates are currently enjoying professional roles in the canine behavior and/or welfare field in areas including, but not limited to, service/therapy, training, specialty care, rescue, and consulting. The Seattle School of Canine Studies is directed by Cristine Dahl, founder and owner of the Seattle Dogworks Training & Education Studio on Capitol Hill and author of Good Dog 101 (foreword by Jean Donaldson, Sasquatch Books).

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1417 10th Ave, #B
Seattle, WA

How did Evergreen prepare you for your professional life?

I use the skills I learned at TESC every single day. From staying in touch with and sensitive to the changing business needs of my field to creatively and effectively solving practical problems, I credit Evergreen with the foundation of my success.