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Alumni Entrepreneurs

Terry C. Billedeaux, BA, 1973

Terry Billedeaux

Armor Systems International, Inc.

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31106 NW 71st Avenue
Ridgefield, WA

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(360) 901-1050

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Moving products and services between the US and the Middle East & India.

    Evergreen helped prepare me for my professional life

    Rudy Martin; my  professor, my friend, and my mentor believed in me. He understood my strengths I never knew I had and he once describe me as a “doer” and that is what I become. Using my Evergreen experience I have always believed that I am ready to accept whatever challenge is before me; whether it positive or negative or just life’s changes. I am grateful for my Evergreen experience as it provided me an opportunity to expand who I was and to always think of a better way.