Post an Internship at Evergreen

Looking for an intern?

Thank you for considering posting your internship with The Evergreen State College!  Evergreen students are always seeking new educational experiences. 

An Internship Learning Contract (INT) includes applied work experience, that is negotiated among a student, a field supervisor in an organization or business, and an Evergreen faculty/staff sponsor. The student arranges to spend an agreed-upon number of hours (paid or unpaid) working with an organization, engaging in activities that provide new learning for the student and at the same time benefit the host organization.

We invite you to post your internship, part-time or full-time employment, community service or volunteer positions all on the Community Opportunities Database (CODa).

Post an Internship on CODa!

Guide to Using the CODa Job & Opportunity System

Once registered, you will be able to enter or update information on internships including:

  • The type of internship you have to offer
  • The qualifications you seek in an intern
  • Set the date you want the position to be advertised
  • Set the date to close the advertising for the position

Students will view your internship announcement on line and will then contact you to apply.  You choose the applicants to interview and make your intern selection.  We hope you will find this service easy and useful!

For more information about your role in the Internship Learning Contract process, please visit the Internship Information for Organizations webpage.

The Evergreen State College promotes equal opportunity for students and all employers are expected to do likewise. This site is a courtesy service and we do not screen or refer applicants.