Peer Advisors

Advice for Greeners by Greeners! We are current Evergreen students who are here to enhance your visit to Academic and Career Advising. We look forward to working with you!

We're hiring SASS Peer Advisors for next fall!  For a job description and application, visit



Alex (they/them) hails from Miami, Florida and is a sophomore currently pursuing public administration and social justice at Evergreen. In their free time, Alex enjoys photography, critical readings of mainstream media, cooking, and hiking.



Hello! I’m Allie (she/her), an ex-chef currently finishing my freshman year at Evergreen. I am passionate about never ending to-do lists, cognitive science, creating as much as I can, and insisting that I have “just the spot” for you to grab food in Seattle. I look forward to providing answers and encouragement to any questions you may have!



As a full-time student at The Evergreen State College, I have quickly fallen in love with my Forensics and Criminal Behavior program. I am very energetic, especially after having multiple cups of coffee with my favorite creamer; peppermint mocha. In my spare time I love walking around with my camera and taking photos of what inspires me. I look forward to meeting you!  Come to Academic Advising and say "Hello".



Hi, my name is Bridget. I'm currently a junior at Evergreen. I enjoy studying international relations, anthropology, language, feminist literature, and especially the Arab world. On my free time I eat Tolblerone bars in bed and watch Netflix, and come up with names for all the neighborhood cats.



Hi, my name is Christian. I am a senior here at Evergreen. I enjoy studying math, science, and history. In my free time i like to play video games, hang out with friends, and watch TV. I look forward to meeting you in the SASS office.



Hi, I’m Ivy and I hail from Anacortes, WA. By coming to Evergreen I have found my passion in World History. This passion stemmed from Evergreen’s hands on approach via field trips and study abroad. I also enjoy tutoring High School AVID students. My goal is to combine these passions, in Teaching and History, by becoming a high school teacher. Outside of class you might see me running around playing Humans V Zombies. I also love to play video games, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see me pursuing travel or hanging out outside. I’m eager to help you on your own journey through higher education and hope to see you in the SASS offices!



Greetings curious humans! I'm Jordan. I'm a Senior at TESC. I'm a proud dog mom, an accomplished plant parent, and a big fan of trees. I hail from Bend Oregon so I dig snow but am partial to rain. I am stoked to help you all out this year however I can! Cheers!



Hi, I’m Lindsay! I’m currently a Senior here at Evergreen who transferred to campus during my Junior year. I enjoy studying sociology, psychology, consciousness studies, queer studies, general health, and world issues. My goal after Evergreen is to work in social services or in public health in a clinic or hospital. Outside of work I really love anything music related (whether it be making music or listening to it), traveling, spending time in the forest, video games, and being around animals. I am very happy and energetic and outgoing. I am very excited to meet you and help with any questions you might have with your future aspirations here at Evergreen!