Enrollment Report

Enrollment Report for Winter Quarter 2015

Update on Enrollment reports:


Jan. 2, 2015, 4:00 pm:  On-line registration is now closed, and the final waitlist moves have been made.  Adding any class or program after this time will require signature from the faculty.  For more info contact Registration at 360-867-6180, Library 1101.

Be aware that enrollment levels will change constantly as students enroll, drop, and move off of wait lists.  This list must be considered as only a daily snapshot of enrollment. For more information on procedures and deadlines for changing your enrollment please go to Registration.  We will continue to update these reports through Week One to indicate where seats might be opening up in programs or courses.

Winter 2015 Quarter Data current as of:

January 7, 2015 at 10:00 am

  • Freshman Report
  • Sophomore Report
  • Junior Report
  • Senior Report
  • All levels

Tips on how to use the reports effectively:

  • Check the report for your Class Level—Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior.  (If you’re not sure of your level, go to my.evergreen.edu → Registration → “Check Your Registration Time Ticket, Status and Overrides.”)
  • All reports are currently sorted alphabetically by Course Title. 
  • Each report can be filtered by any of the column headings on the first row of the report.
  • Filtering Example: If you only wanted to look for 16-credit programs,  simply click on the small down pointing arrow in the top row of the “Credits” column, and within the pop-up box, uncheck everything except 16; then only 16-credit programs will display. 
  • To see everything within a range, use the Text Filters option. For example,to see all programs that have open seats, set the filter for the “Open Seats Available” column to “Greater than 0.”
  • To Reset the list back to include everything, simply click on the small arrow and within the pop-up box select (All) and the entire list will reappear.
  • Signature Required courses/programs require faculty signature and may require a portfolio or application (check the Academic Catalog course description for more details).
  • NOTE: Sometimes it will look like seats are available (number >0 in “Enroll Remaining”)—but if there is also a number >0 in “Wait List Spots Taken” that means that those apparently open seats will be filled with students rolled over from the waitlist, and there are not actually open seats available.

Waitlist Management

You can be on more than one waitlist.  If you are on multiple waitlists, please use the Waitlist Preference Form (my.evergreen.edu → Registration → “Register For and/or Drop Classes Here”) to indicate your priorities.

Keep in mind that Registration assumes you would prefer a program/course for which you’re waitlisted to one you’re actually registered for, and will automatically move you into the former and drop you from the latter if a space opens up. If you decide you prefer your registered program/course to your waitlisted one, please go in and withdraw from the waitlist.

“My waitlist position changed!”—During registration week, students enrolling in 16 credit programs will use a CRN specific to their class level (FR, SO, JR, SR), and if a level fills, a waitlist is created specific to that CRN and that level.  After registration week, all SO, JR and SR seats in a program are combined under a single CRN, and all existing waitlists at those levels are also combined into a single new waitlist.  Students are placed on this waitlist in the order of the timestamp showing when they initially waitlisted themselves.


Call Academic Advising for assistance at (360) 867-6312 or email Advising.