Designing an Area of Emphasis

Unlike other colleges, Evergreen doesn’t offer majors or minors. You can focus your studies in a particular area, and you have the option of designating that as your area of emphasis.

How many credits are needed for an emphasis? 

Earning 45 or more quarter credits in a field would allow you to call it your area of emphasis, and 32 quarter credits in a field could be considered a minor area of emphasis. 

What will my area of emphasis be called?

You choose the title that best describes your coursework. This could be a traditional “major” title (e.g., Psychology, History)—or you can create a title that reflects the specific content of your studies (e.g., Media and Culture, Social Justice, Somatic and Consciousness Studies). 

Does the area of emphasis appear on my degree or transcript?

No; your diploma will only say “Bachelor of Arts” or “Bachelor of Science,” and your emphasis is not shown in your transcript.  However, you can enter the title of your area of emphasis on resumes, graduate school applications, or any other documents that ask for your college major.

How do I get help with figuring out how my credits fit into a possible area of emphasis?

You can use this worksheet to help you determine your area of emphasis (Docx).

Academic & Career Advisors can help you with questions about this process.  Call us at (360) 867-6312, or stop by our office at 2153 Library, to set up an appointment.

Is having a particular emphasis enough to prepare for grad school in that field?

Not necessarily—just taking 45 or more credits in a subject doesn’t mean you’ve covered all the requirements to enter a career or pursue graduate studies in that field. Be sure to talk with Academic Advising or Career Development to make sure you’re taking the right coursework for your intended life/school path, as well as earning enough credits for your emphasis!