Academic Fairs

Upcoming Academic Fairs 2014-15

Spring Quarter 2015  Academic Fair
will be

Wednesday, March 4, 2015, from  4 – 6 pm

Academic Fairs take place in the College Recreation Center Gymnasium

Academic Fair Tips

These tips are also available as a PDF: Academic Fair Tips (pdf)

What is an Academic Fair?

  • Each quarter prior to registration for the following quarter, faculty gather in a common space to answer questions and distribute materials for their program or course.
  • Students have the chance to ask faculty questions, pick up materials such as the course syllabus and evaluate their choices.

What Can I Do to Prepare Myself for the Fair?

  • Review the catalog -
    Check for vital information such as new and canceled programs.
  • Create a prioritized list of program and course choices.
  • Find out if your program requires prior preparation for acceptance that you should bring to the fair, e.g. - "Submit portfolio to faculty with sample of writing and evaluation from former faculty."
  • Find out about signature requirements and prerequisites
  • Some programs fill up quickly. If you want to get into a class that requires a signature, consider obtaining the signature before the fair.
  • Brainstorm and write down questions that you have about programs that interest you.
  • If a program you're interested in requires a signature, bring a portfolio of samples of your work.
  • If you have no idea what you want to take, talk to an academic advisor, faculty or core connector.
  • Get a good night's sleep and come with a clear head.
  • Arrive at the beginning of the Fair! Allow yourself plenty of time to do everything you need to accomplish. If you arrive at the last minute, you may miss the faculty you need to speak with.

What is the Most Effective Use of the Academic Fair?

  • To contact faculty.
  • To get an updated syllabus if available.
  • To obtain an understanding of the workload.
  • To ask for exceptions to published information such as different amounts of credits, other coursework to replace something you've already done, etc.
  • To confirm if you have the appropriate preparation.
  • To get signatures. Remember: a faculty signature determines eligibility; it is not a registration.

What's Not an Appropriate Use of the Academic Fair?

  • In-depth advising conversations (Do this with Academic Advising or your current or previous faculty.)
  • The fair does not replace reading the on-line Catalogs (Full-time and Evening and Weekends)
  • The fair won't be as useful if you're not prepared.
  • Voicing complaints about your current program.
  • Confidential meetings.
  • Completing paperwork like internship forms or individual contracts, etc.

Trying to Find a Contract Sponsor?

  • Bring a written contract proposal that is still negotiable.
  • Bring multiple copies so you can leave a copy with more than one potential sponsor.
  • Bring a portfolio that includes examples of your work.
  • Use the on-line Faculty by Subject Index to identify potential sponsors.
  • Have a back up plan for what you will take, if you can't find a sponsor.

Have an Issue With the Curriculum?

  • Talk with the Academic Deans at the Fair