Discover Your New Home On Campus | The Evergreen State College
Evergreen’s forest in the summer.

Discover Your New Home On Campus

Living on campus links you directly to Evergreen’s vibrant community. Students who live on campus do better in classes and make more friends.

A new student moves into his dorm room.

As a new student, you should consider campus housing. Here’s why: 

  • Save on transportation. Reduce your carbon footprint. No need to catch a bus or pay for parking when you can walk to class.
  • Take advantage of free internet and utilities (electric, water, and garbage).
  • Enjoy easy access to on-campus programs and activities.
  • Explore 1,000 acres of forest and a beach in your backyard!

Choose Your Meal Plan

Spend quality time with your community eating healthy and sustainable food. We make it easy.