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Can’t visit in-person?

The virtual campus tour is complete with a walking tour, 360-degree photographs, short videos and more. The virtual tour is available in:

Individual Campus Visit

Your individual campus visit can include these components:

  • Information Session and Campus Tour
  • Class Visit
  • Overnight Stay

Schedule a Visit

Campus tour

Schedule an information session and a campus tour to learn about Evergreen's distinctive curriculum and explore our beautiful campus.

You'll meet with an admissions representative and other prospective students at the information session. You’ll learn what makes Evergreen unique, and how interdisciplinary studies and narrative evaluations will benefit your learning and life beyond college.

A Student Ambassador will lead you on a walking tour of the campus after the information session. You’ll see academic buildings, the campus activities building, the recreation center, and student housing. It’s an opportunity to see what's available and to imagine yourself living and learning here.

Student in a titration chemistry lab in the program Introduction to Natural Science

Add a Class Visit

Starting with the 10:00 am information session allows time for a class visit. A current student will take you along to a lecture, lab, workshop, or seminar (class group discussion) to discover first-hand what's possible for your education.

Overnight Stay

Check-in at 4:30 pm and meet your student guide in Admissions. You’ll get settled into your room, eat dinner with your guide, and get the lay-of-the land, before exploring the campus on your own later in the evening. Visitor rooms are located in the freshman residence halls and you will either have a single-room, or share a room with another student visitor. No doubt: you’ll meet Evergreen students and have a chance to see what Greeners do for fun. (Is it laundry night?)

Reserve your class visit or overnight stay at least two weeks in advance. If your first choice for class visit and/or overnight stay is not available, we may ask you for another date or suggest an alternate date for your visit.

Schedule a Visit

Group Visits

Schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations are invited to bring your group to Evergreen.

A tour visits the Costantino Recreation Center

The Office of Admissions will provide your group with an information session and campus tour. Use the "Comments" section on the Schedule a Group Visit form to tell us about special needs for your group and/or if you are interested in a specific program or study or facility at Evergreen.

Class Visits and Overnight Stays are not possible for groups.

Schedule a Group Visit

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