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Transfer Credit Policy

Evergreen has developed a generous policy of accepting credit from other regionally accredited institutions. The maximum credit transfer is 135 quarter credits. Up to 90 credits may be lower division work (usually 100 or 200 level), and 15 of your transfer credits may be vocational-technical, or personal development work. All transfer credit must be college level. Graduate level course work does not count towards a Bachelor of Arts degree.


  • a freshman has 0 to 44 transfer credits
  • a sophomore has 45 to 89 credit
  • a junior has 90 to 134 credit
  • a senior has 135 or more credits

Evergreen requires 180 credits for a bachelor's degree.

Evergreen uses quarter hours, so we will convert semester hours into quarter hours. For example, if you have earned 24 semester hour credits: multiply 24 by a factor of 1.5 and it will equal 36 quarter hour credits.

Transfer Credit References

Official transfer credit evaluations are done after you have been admitted to the college and have paid the non-refundable $50 (US) advance tuition deposit. The advance tuition deposit is part of your first quarter's tuition. You can request an estimate of your transfer credits by contacting an admissions counselor, or you can use the transfer guide to an estimate on your own.

If you transfer 90 quarter hour credits, this will constitute half of the total number of credits you will need to obtain a bachelor degree at Evergreen. When a final official transcript shows any of the designated degrees described in Priority Transfer Degrees (below), 90 quarter hour credits for lower division work is automatically awarded.

Priority Transfer Degrees

  • Direct Transfer Degree
  • Direct Technical Transfer Degree
  • Transfer Degrees from Other States
  • Upside Down Degree

Direct Transfer Degree
Graduates of Washington community colleges who have earned a Direct Transfer degree (also known as "Direct Transfer Agreement" or DTA) or the Associate in Science-Transfer (AS-T) degree prior to enrolling Evergreen will transfer a maximum of 90 quarter hour credits of lower division work. Your final official transcript from the Washington community college must designate your degree as a "DTA" or as an "AS-T."

Direct Technical Transfer Degree
Evergreen has designated technical transfer degree agreements with many Washington community and technical colleges. If you have completed one of these degree programs prior to enrolling at Evergreen, you will transfer a maximum of 90 quarter hour credits of lower division work. Your final official transcript from the Washington community or technical college must show the designated degree on it.

Find your college and select "Transfer Degree" for a list of approved technical transfer degree programs.

Transfer Degrees from Other States
Evergreen also awards the maximum 90 quarter hours of lower division transfer credit to these degrees from:

  • California — associate degree with IGETC or CSU-Breadth
  • Iowa — associate of arts or associate of science and your completion of college composition with 2.0 or a "C"
  • Minnesota — associate degree with MNTrans
  • Oregon — AA-Oregon Transfer

Your cumulative GPA for a degree earned in another state must be at least 2.5 and the designated degree must appear on your final official transcript.

Upside Down Degree
Evergreen negotiates specific vocational and/or technical associate degree agreements with each Washington community and technical college. An approved Upside Down Degree may transfer to Evergreen as a block of 90 quarter hour credits after you complete an educational plan, and 32 credits at Evergreen.

Find your college in the table on Transfer Degrees and Guides and select "Transfer Degree." The PDF will list approved degree programs. These are a few examples of approved Upside Down Degrees: Accounting, Early Childhood Education, and Nursing.

How we evaluate credit

Bachelor's Degree Earned at Another College or University
If you have already earned a bachelor's degree at another regionally accredited college or university, you will transfer 135 quarter hour credits. This is the maximum transfer credit award.

Transferring Without a Degree
If you have not earned a transfer or bachelor's degree, your official transcripts will be evaluated for transfer credit on a course-by-course basis. Transferable courses must meet the following criteria:

  • freshman level or above (course numbers are usually 100-499)
  • grade of A, B, C, Pass, Satisfactory, Credit, 2.0 or better
  • academic in nature (physical education, military science and courses that are religious in nature are not transferable)

College credit earned through Running Start or a college in the high school program may also transfer to Evergreen. Request official transcripts from the college that issued the credit and have those documents sent to Evergreen.

Vocational-technical/personal development (VTPD) classes are not academic courses. VTPD classes are generally found in the following categories:

  • occupation related (for example, automotive technology, customer service, welding)
  • skill building (for example, reading, remedial courses)
  • personal development (for example, assertiveness training, personal finance)

A maximum of 15 quarter hour credits of VTPD course work may be transferred. If the VTPD course work was completed at a community or technical college, it must be within the 90 credit maximum allowed for lower division credit. Use the transfer guide listed for your Washington community or technical college to estimate your transfer credit.

Transferring from a Nonaccredited College or University
Assessment of course work completed at a nonaccredited college or university can be done if you have not reached the 90 credit maximum of lower-division credit and/or the 135 overall maximum transfer credit award. However, Evergreen will only grant a maximum of 45 transfer credit through this assessment.

Evaluation of course work completed at a nonaccredited college or university is always conducted after you have been formally admitted and have completed 92 Evergreen credits. Forty-five of your last 90 credits must be earned at Evergreen.

Submit a written request to the credentials evaluator in the Office of Admissions to have your course work from the nonaccredited institution reviewed. Request your official transcripts from the nonaccredited institution to be sent to Admissions. The transfer credit will be awarded following the criteria described in "Transferring without a Degree."

Prior Learning Experience
Assessment of prior experiential learning may increase the number of transfer credits you may be awarded if your have not reached the 90 credit maximum of lower-division credit and/or the 135 overall maximum transfer credit award. Evaluation of prior experiential learning for transfer credit is always conducted after you have been formally admitted to Evergreen and are enrolled.

Credit may be awarded for these programs:

  • Certificated Learning (Certificated Learning Application form PDF)
  • Credit by Examination: Advanced Placement, College Level Examination Program and International Baccalaureate
  • Experiential Learning
  • Military Training and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

Please review Prior Learning Assessment for more information.