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Your experiences will be enhanced and your life will be enriched because we are committed to diversity and to learning in a multicultural world.

Our community of faculty, staff and students work together to ensure an environment that embraces differences, fosters tolerance and understanding, and celebrates a commitment to cultural, ethnic and racial awareness. Diversity at Evergreen goes even further to include gender, class and lifestyle differences.

There are a number of ways in which cross-cultural learning occurs in the classroom: reading assignments from books written by scholars and activists from different ethnic and cultural communities, guest lecturers, field trips and community projects. These learning opportunities are used to engage students and faculty in a dialogue designed to create greater understanding. Additionally, you may choose to conduct an internship with social change organizations to expand your classroom experiences.

You can put your ideas about diversity into practice through student organizations that work on issues of social justice and cultural expression. Our diverse faculty and staff are here to advise and assist you in your efforts. The combination of class work, community service and Evergreen community activities is what ensures you a diverse and rewarding learning experience.

First Peoples at Evergreen

First Peoples at Evergreen describe people of racial and ethnic backgrounds commonly referred to in the US as "minorities" or more recently as "people of color." American Indian, African American, Asian, Pacific Islander and Chicano/Latino students, staff and faculty join with those of European-descent to create a vibrant learning community.

Why "First Peoples?"

In 1986, students, staff and faculty of color met at a one-day retreat and selected the term "First Peoples" in recognition of our unique first culture. We didn't want to call ourselves "minorities" because we wanted to be recognized as a group that represented a collection of experiences, cultures and pride in our heritage. And, there's nothing "minor" about that collective contribution.

First Peoples' Advising Services

First Peoples' Advising Services can help you achieve your academic and personal goals. Services are tailored to match your individual needs and is available to all currently enrolled students. You may wish to start your Evergreen orientation experience with the Undergraduate Scholars Program offered before classes begin in September. First Peoples' Advising Services also coordinates Day of Absence/Day of Presence activities during the winter quarter. Of course, you should take the time to reflect on your yearlong achievements and congratulate the seniors at the Graduation Celebration in June.

First Peoples' Advising Services is part of  Student and Academic Support Services (also known as SASS).

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