Leading Together

Leading Together is a series of workshops and activities that work to connect your interests and passions outside the classroom to your educational experience and goals.

A Leadership Development Program at Evergreen

This leadership certificate program supports you in learning and refining tangible, real-world skills. As strong, thoughtful organizers, you can use these tools to care for yourself, care for the groups you work with, and care for your communities.

By attending workshops and participating in campus activities, you can develop skills, boost your resume, and connect with fellow student leaders. To earn your certificate, you must attend 3+ workshops and complete 4+ activities for 3 quarters. Interested in joining the program? Stop by Student Activities. Only want to attend a particular workshop? Please do. All students are welcome at the workshops and activities.

Fall 2017 Workshop Schedule

Resume Workshop

Thursday, October 5th at 4 - 6pm in CAB 301

Ivana Trottman, Career and Academic Advising, will help you translate your work (both paid and unpaid) into a thoughtful résumé.

Marketing Skills for Leadership

Tuesday, October 17th at 4 - 5pm in CAB 301

Kayla Mahnke, Student Organizations Advisor, will share best practices for marketing campaigns. Additionally, you'll be exposed to techniques that reach your intended audience and spread your message.

Vision and Goal-Setting

Thursday, October 19th at 3 - 5pm in CAB 313

Melissa Bennett, Student Organizations Advisor, will work with you to assess ten areas of your life, create a vision for what a level ten life in each area would look like, and establish goals for how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Greg's Life Skills: Negotiating

Thursday, October, 26th at 4 - 5pm in CAB 313

Hear from the great negotiator himself, Greg Porter (S&A Productions Advisor), on how to get the best deal from purchases to contracts to salaries. Learn how to utilize "the flinch!"

Working with Conflict in Groups

Tuesday, November 7th at 5 - 7pm in CAB 301

Emily Pieper, Student Activities Assistant Director, will coach skillful leaders on how to get the conflict out into the open and use it as a source of creativity and a catalyst for learning and growth. In this workshop, we'll explore techniques for addressing conflict and practice these skills with our peers!

Caring for Yourself as a Student Leader

Thursday, November 16th at 3 - 4:15pm in CAB 301

Curious about the resources available to you as a student here at Evergreen? Come learn, with Quinn Russell (Student Wellness Services), about the awesome resources SWS has to offer and practice great self-care techniques.