Academic Statement

Academic Statement Requirement

An Academic Statement is a graduation requirement for all entering undergraduate students starting Fall 2013. Students must write an academic statement of up to 750 words. In the statement, students summarize and reflect carefully on their liberal arts education. Students begin work on the statement when they first enroll, then develop and revise it annually under the guidance of faculty. The final version becomes an important part of each student's transcript.

Undergraduate students who enrolled prior to Fall 2013 are highly encouraged to include an Academic Statement in their final transcript upon graduation; however, it is not required.

For all undergraduate students, the final Academic Statement is due Friday of Evaluation Week of the quarter they plan to graduate.

An Academic Statement is optional for graduate students and must be submitted no later than one quarter after they leave or graduate.  Graduate students are not required to write an Academic Statement.

Submitting the Academic Statement for transcript in 2012-13
Students can generate an Academic Statement in the Evaluations section from their Student Menu.  Students will need to print their final statement, sign, date and turn it into the Registration and Records Office.