Transfer Students

If you’re coming directly from another college or restarting after years away, you can finish your degree at Evergreen.

Students work together to study for the end of the quarter

Develop close bonds with your fellow students through a singular program that brings you together for a whole quarter, or even an entire year.

Evergreen is for Transfers

More than half of our students come to Evergreen with existing credits. Here’s why.

No backtracking, no repeat classes, faster graduation.

The way you learn at Evergreen is a bit unconventional, but it gets results.

Portrait of Bethany Evans

I’m a sophomore, and at other schools I would still be taking meaningless prerequisite classes that have nothing to do with what I want to do with my education. I really like the small class sizes and the one-on-one communication with the faculty. Evergreen allows me to learn in my learning style.

Bethany Evans M. ’18, transfer student

Transferring is Easy and Flexible

We have one of the most generous transfer policies around. Every single one of your transfer credits count towards graduation, even if you’ve changed majors or degrees along the way. You won’t be stuck playing catch-up or retaking classes.

Returning Evergreen students. If you have attended Evergreen before, find out how to apply as a returning student.

Adult students. We’re here for you. Learn more about how to apply as an adult student.

Veteran students. You have access to an excellent Veterans resource center. You’ll get on-campus expertise in transitioning to Evergreen and beyond.

Technical degrees. Approved technical degrees from a Washington community college may be transformed into a bachelor’s degree with our innovative Upside Down degree program.

Life experience and other non-traditional education. In addition to the traditional credit transfer, Evergreen offers credit for life experience and other non-traditional education.

Study the things you actually like. Avoid the things you don’t.

Schedules That Work For You

Come Talk to Us

You have questions, we’ve got answers. If you have any questions about transferring or what it’s like to study at Evergreen, get in touch. We’d love to chat.

Students explore human development and mindfulness through a surprising mix of projects, including mask-making and performance.

Study the impacts of energy use on climate change and research the potential impacts of using alternative energy sources, like solar.

Embark on distant field trips without the worry of catching up on missed classes or homework. It’s all part of the program, and your teachers will all be there with you.

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