Evergreen: A Very Different Place to Learn

Better than Formal Majors

Choose an area of emphasis

Choosing an area of emphasis puts the power in your hands.

  • Our undergraduate degrees have few requirements, which means every program you take serves your unique interests, and tackles fresh, relevant topics.
  • You can design an area of emphasis that focuses your educational pathway. Evergreen faculty will help you create your pathway and articulate it through an academic statement.

Better than Disconnected Classes

Interdisciplinary programs

Interdisciplinary programs reflect the real world.

  • Our programs typically represent a full-time course load. That means you really only take one “class” each quarter.
  • Instead of taking a bunch of unrelated classes, you learn how subjects in the real world interconnect. All your classes, teachers and classmates are in one place.
  • You can also do individual study or research in subjects that build upon your academic experience.
  • Or, you can take more narrowly focused courses to complement programs and individual study.

Better than Letter Grades

Narrative evaluations

Narrative evaluations are more complete.

  • Your learning and academic progress are assessed in narrative evaluations rather than grades.
  • They’re like getting a letter of recommendation from every program you take.

Evergreen offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with programs in Olympia, Tacoma, and Washington tribal communities.